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Photo Challenge: Flower Power

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I was supposed to post these yesterday as part of the latest Round Robin Photo Challenge, but a long, meeting-filled day at work was just enough to make me forget.

In any case, these were taken this past weekend, when I took my parents to Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens here in Richmond. My mom feels that her hair was a mess on that particular outing, and has made it clear that I am to show no one the photos that I snapped of them, so I’ll stick to three samples of flowers that I spotted as we toured the gardens.

Of the three, this next one is my favorite. Although I like the vibrant reds, both the color and the flower itself seemed so delicate in person that I wanted to try to capture it and show that these particular blossoms seem to be fairly solitary:

This one was snapped inside the conservatory:

I’m no botanist, so if you are curious about what kind of flowers they are, I am unfortunately not able to give you that information. I can say, however, that these are a very, very small sampling of the things to see at Ginter, and if you’re ever in the area, you should definitely stop by.


  • julie says:

    Great shots. That last flower is just amazing.

  • Carly says:

    Hey Patrick :)

    I think the top one is a Day Lily, and the second one looks kinda like an Iris. Not too sure though. Lovely photos! :) Good job!

  • Shelly says:

    Nice photos. BTW, your link here to A Stop at Willoughby is bad. It has instead of Just thought you’d like a heads-up.

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