School Dispute Suggests Wrong Focus



I’m really tired of this kind of story. It’s growing old beyond fast. But here goes:

A teenager is fighting a battle against his school because he wants to wear something and his school won’t let him.

In this particular case, the teen wants to wear a kilt in honor of his Scottish heritage at his graduation. He decided to ask the principal in advance if he could wear the kilt, and the principal, he says, said no way!

The teen says that he was told that the school’s decision was based on the fact that a kilt doesn’t fit the dress code for graduation. The school didn’t mind him wearing it during the post-graduation dinner, but not during the ceremony itself.

“I find it funny. The school teaches you to respect your heritage, be different, be yourself. And so I am going to be different, being myself. And they don’t like that.”

What I find tiring about this kind of story isn’t that a kid’s out to “be himself.”

Rather, it’s that it seems that if a student is going to fight his school, it must be about something he wants to wear, not something he wants to learn.

When is the last time you heard of a student raising this much stink about adding a needed curriculum? When did you last hear of a student taking a stand to get a better textbook? Or fighting for better after-school programs to help students in need?

I’m not saying, even for a moment, that honoring one’s heritage isn’t important. But at the same time, if arguments over what someone can wear at graduation, or in a senior photo, or who someone can take to their prom, is the biggest thing worth worrying about in our schools, then maybe our schools aren’t as bad as some would have us believe.

School Dispute Suggests Wrong Focus
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