It Happened Again: Kids Left in Hot Car



It gets very hot inside a car on a summer day. It’s a story we do every single year, sometimes more than once per summer.

People brush off the story, chiding us for pointing out the obvious.

Then there are stories like this one that answer the question of why we keep reminding people of what everyone clearly doesn’t know.

Yes, a woman is accused of leaving two children and a dog locked in a car while she shopped. Charleston Police say witnesses saw the kids crying inside the locked car. Employees at the West Ashley Walmart persuaded the kids to unlock the door at which point they were escorted inside the store.

Fortunately, the children didn’t suffer any significant injury; apparently, the dog didn’t either.

But considering the fact that the heat index was expected to reach as high as 117° today, they could have died in that car.

It is inconceivable to me that someone would leave a child alone in a car any time of year these days. But as oppressively hot as it has been the past few days, there is no possible excuse for leaving a child or animal in a car under these conditions.

There just isn’t.

It Happened Again: Kids Left in Hot Car
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