Thursday, April 19, 2018

After 60 Hours In the Dark

The site seems to be back up and cooperating now, after the worst weekend in this blog’s history.

My hosting company experienced a major failure of some kind — I’m not an IT guy — that took this site (and everything else hosted on that particular server) down at about 12:30pm on Friday and kept it offline until the early morning hours of Monday.

Needless to say, I was not a happy camper about this development. Particularly when you consider that weekends generate the most traffic for me, thanks to the Saturday Six and Sunday Seven. For the first time since they began, a weekend went by in which there was no new set of questions to offer.

But on that statement I must place an asterisk. The questions (which appear in the past couple of posts) were here; it was just that no one could see them.

It was almost one of those “Hey, I’m fate, watch what I can do” moments: two weekends ago, I was late posting the Saturday Six. To rectify this problem, I decided to write the next two editions and schedule them early. What a concept!

So this past Saturday was supposed to be the first one that had been written in advance and scheduled for an early-morning hit. I was ahead of schedule. No problems. What, me worry?

Then came Friday afternoon.

So I have scrapped some content that I began writing at the end of the previous week for posting during the weekend; for the most part, it’s no longer relevant. I do have something to say about Whitney Houston’s funeral, and, in particular, the public’s reaction to coverage thereof. That’ll come later today; it’s not exactly as relevant as it could be, but there’s a very interesting point that a friend of mine made that I think more people should hear.

In any case, I appreciate your patience from the past weekend and I sincerely hope this kind of technical difficulty will never happen again. Rest assured, this non-IT guy is doing everything reasonable on his end to make sure of that.


  1. My site also goes down once in a while, they usually get hacked and the servers get knocked off line and they have to format the disks and then load in the back-ups. The last time I had to email all the spam filters that I wasn’t a spammer.

  2. I had wondered what happened to the posts. I feel your pain in being a non-techy and completely dependent upon your host! I’m so glad things seemed to have been resolved and that you are back on the air.

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