Thursday, April 19, 2018

Blog Writing Can Be Relaxing Even If You Write for a Living

Is blog writing really relaxing? It’s a question some ask when they learn writing is my real job, too. But even then, writing can be relaxing.

A recent post over at Kenna’s website,, got my attention. The post is called, “11 Ways to Relax When You Have No Time.”

I’m sure all of us can relate to that title, right?

Item number three on that list is “Write.” She adds:

I know it sounds counter to tell journalists to write for relaxation, but writing something non-journalistic like a journal entry or even a to-do list can help you relax and focus.

Click the link above to see the other 10 items on her list.

People ask me, particularly after learning that I post daily, how I could possibly do it. “Don’t you write for your ‘real job?’” they ask.

Well, yes. Yes, I do.

I write all day long. I write emails, I write news stories. I write messages to my team. I write explanations of web analytics. I even copyedit what others write.

Then I come home and go to my blog and write a little more.

Some days, that process is reversed: I may get up early and write for my blog first, and then go to the office and do all of the writing I do there over the course of an average day.

Once in a while, I write for my blog before and after the real job.

Do I get tired of all that writing? No more than any other writer does.

When you enjoy writing, you write. That doesn’t mean that people who love to write actually love it every single day of their lives.

That’s why I’m always quick to dispute the long-held myth that a writer must write every single day, no matter what. In fact, I still maintain that’s one of the dumbest pieces of advice I’ve ever heard.

Some days, you need to relax. Some days, the best way to relax, even for a writer, is to do something completely different. (Like any of the other 10 things on Kenna’s list.) And when you do, a funny thing can happen: by taking a short break — even if only a single day — and getting your mind clear or experiencing something new, you suddenly find new things to write about that you may not have thought of before.

I try to explain it this way: my primary job involves writing news stories and managing the writing of others. In that role, I don’t get to tell the story I may want to tell: I have to tell the story that is. I have some creative control, but in journalism, creativity cannot get in the way of the facts. If it does, you are doing your audience a huge disservice.

On my blog, I try to be as honest and accurate as I can just as if I were writing for a news site. But I can write about topics that interest me and skip those that don’t. I can be more creative. I can be entertaining. I can tell stories that don’t relate to the latest breaking news or I can tell stories that do.

But on my blog, I get to make those decisions.

That gives me much more control than I’d have in the “real world,” and that’s a big reason I can get enjoyment out of writing for this blog even when I’ve already written or proofed a lot of other content that same day.

Writing on a blog is also a great way to blow off some steam, even if you aren’t going off on some rant about what has you aggravated to begin with. It allows you the opportunity to funnel that energy in a different direction, but that in itself can be a rewarding, satisfying experience.

So, yes, even though a great deal of my real job involves writing, I can still come to this blog and produce a post a day that I hope you all find enjoyable or informative.

And I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I do!

What’s your favorite way to relax?

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