Thursday, April 19, 2018

Cause and Effect

A funny thing, cause and effect.

Sometimes you identify something that’s going on around you and you figure out exactly what’s causing it. Then you realize that that result wasn’t the end of one situation, it was simply the start of something else.

I had a discussion with my weight loss counselor this afternoon, and we discussed why I thought I was backsliding a bit on the diet. (I’ve gained about six pounds from my lowest weight. Ugh.)

I mentioned a lot of the familiar excuses reasons, and we talked about a wide variety of things. I mentioned at one point that I wasn’t blogging as much as I typically do. I think the slowdown is because I haven’t felt as though I had a lot to say of late.

“Maybe,” he countered, “if you didn’t slow down on the venting, you’d have a lot more to say.”

I hate it when they’re right.


  1. “Maintance” by nature is routine “same old, same old” but you can discuss the fact that it is feeling like a rut etc if you want. You can try to spice things up….just like relationships! 😉

  2. It’s pretty hard to be supportive of your weight loss effort if you don’t discuss it…but you already know that.

    With the end of the summer season, perhaps a more rigid schedule for exercise and meals will make it possible to monitor your intake more closely.

    We’re rooting for you – there ain’t none of us getting out of this life alive, so it’s the quality of life we must strive for, not just longevity.

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