Sunday, November 19, 2017

I Need a Favor: Could You Please Leave a Comment?

I am trying a new blog comment platform called Epoch and I’d like to try it out. Will you help?

Last week, I wrote about a big announcement from blog commenting platform Livefyre. Out of the blue, that platform announced it was shutting down: as of Thursday, Oct. 20, no one is able to sign up for a new account.

By February 1, 2017, any blogs that have Livefyre installed will see their Livefyre comments become read-only. One month later, it’ll stop working altogether.

So last Monday, the day I got the news confirmed from Livefyre, I dropped it immediately. If they’re going to announce they’re abandoning us, I see no need to wait on abandoning them.

I will admit that I briefly considered contacting Disqus, a commenting platform I tried with mostly failure a few times in the past. For some reason, the full database of comments never seems to load, and I haven’t received a great deal of assistance from their technical support.

Beyond that, I really, really hate that Disqus stores your comments off-site on their servers rather than natively on your blog the way Livefyre and WordPress do.

If I decide to deactivate Disqus, all comments made while it was activated are gone until I manually import them into the native WordPress database.

If Disqus goes down, which, granted, isn’t common but possible, all of the comments entered since it activated (and after my most recent manual import to my database are gone and no one is able to leave new comments until Disqus is back up.

Then a funny thing happened on the way to contacting them: I was reminded of that latter scenario when a Distributed Denial of Service attack on Friday briefly knocked out service to major sites like Twitter, Netflix, and Paypal. A DDOS attack, in a nutshell, overwhelms targeted machines with junk data traffic to the point that actual members of the site aren’t able to get past the traffic jam to log in.

It turns out that Disqus was among the many big names affected by the attack, which means if you were able to reach a website that used Disqus, you weren’t able to reach the comments.

It was a good smack in the face to serve as a reminder at just the right moment.

Here’s what I’ve chosen instead.

I am trying WPDiscuz. It is billed as an alternative to Disqus that keeps all of the comments in the native WordPress installation but enhances their look. I have arranged for “guest” posting as well as logging in through certain social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Disqus, and Google+.

If you have accounts on either of those, I’d appreciate it if you would consider logging in through one of those services to leave a comment. If you don’t have one of those services or prefer to not tie a comment to them, I’d appreciate it if you’d try filling out the typical guest form — name, email (which isn’t shown) and website (which is optional).

Leave a comment, then go to at least one other post and see if the comment form already remembers you. (It’s supposed to do that so that you don’t have to log in each time.)

If you run into any problems at all, please let me know through my contact form. (If you don’t run into problems and you feel it works fine, you can let me know that as well!

I’m hoping you won’t encounter any difficulties and that this comment platform will be a satisfactory replacement for a service that is, regrettably, abandoning us.


    1. It wasn’t listed specifically, but it’s possible a hosting company they rely on was a casualty and it affected their site’s performance.

      Thanks for the comment, by the way!

      1. I live to serve. [deadpan]

        Does this make officially signed in? I” guessing no, because of the cheesy non photo beside my name. What site do I need to go to so I may properly sign in and assign a photo?

        Anytime you need a favour, just ask!


        1. It looks like you signed in as a guest instead of using a Facebook/Twitter/other login. It should still remember you as a guest, but it probably won’t show your photo unless you make an account at Gravatar and connect it to the same email address you used when you signed in here. That, at least, would get you the photo you want! 🙂

          Thanks for the comment, by the way!

    1. Hi, Cat. Thanks for reading and thanks for the comment! Nice to hear from you and glad this seems to be working so far! 🙂

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