Next #Bloggab: Blogger or WordPress?

Most of the blogging-related Twitter chats I’ve been part of feature two distinct camps of users: those on Blogger and those on WordPress. Both platforms have their share of loyal users. But which is better for you?

What platform should power your blog: Blogger or WordPress? (Or something else?)

Tonight, we’ll chat about the two platforms, and any others you might be using, and give people the chance to ask questions about the other platforms.

For me, I started this blog at AOL’s now-defunct “Journals” platform. From there, I went to Blogger. Eventually, as I slowly learned more and more HTML on the side, which gave me more power to modify the basic themes Blogger offered, I started weighing the possibility of moving from Blogger to a self-hosted WordPress installation.

But there were a lot of questions along the way. And a good deal of misinformation: I was convinced that WordPress was this unwieldy monster that I’d never understand. I was assured that making the switch was next to impossible and would take forever. That was all wrong, but it wasn’t something I realized until I actually took the plunge, and that’s a scary place to be.

Nowadays, there are more options than just that basic question. Blogger offers its users the chance to purchase a domain and have the blog served there, though it’s still on Blogger’s platform. WordPress offers a free version that it hosts for you, though it then tacks on fees depending on how much customization you want and now offers premium themes for purchase.

More options don’t necessarily make such decisions easier.

So if you’re a blogger who’s thinking about where to blog or you’re a blogger who’s seriously contemplating a change of platform — or if you just want to talk about problems or successes you’ve had on either one, be sure to join us tonight at 9pmET for #bloggab!


  1. Interesting topic Patrick. You know which camp I’m in, but it would be good to know what Blogger has to offer

    1. karlhphillips Blogger’s primary advantage seems to be that it’s free. You can do more with it than you can the free version of WordPress that WP hosts for you.
      When I was on Blogger, I didn’t hate it: I could pretty much make the simple HTML changes I wanted to make. But then I didn’t have near the options I wanted when it came to layout and certain functions. So I ended trading the “free” option for one that was paid but gave me a lot more flexibility.  I guess it’s up to the user to decide for himself whether the amount one has to pay to self-host is actually money well spent. 🙂

  2. WordPress. Hands down. You control your installation, you can post anonymously, and you can utilize plugins. Blogger…you can’t. It’s the Mac of blogs.

    1. JTDabbagian Well, as a Mac guy, I can’t exactly embrace using “Mac” as a slam. 🙂 
      But WordPress definitely gives you a long range of options that Blogger doesn’t. WordPress also makes it easier to make the changes you want without having to touch the code if you don’t want to, because there’s a plugin available to do just about anything you want.

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