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Next #Bloggab: It’s Our First Critique Week!

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This week’s #Bloggab will try something new: we’ll spend the hour offering constructive criticism, feedback and suggestions for three bloggers who’ve volunteered because they want to hear what you have to say!

If you think it takes a certain amount of bravery to subject yourself and your blog to criticism, you’re right.

But that’s the focus of this week’s #Bloggab: three bloggers who volunteered during last week’s chat will each get 20 minutes to talk about their blogs and give you the chance to make suggestions, tell them what you like and suggest things that might help them.

The keywords here, as I hope would be obvious, are “constructive criticism.”

This isn’t about tearing someone down, of course, but rather building up our community by offering supporting suggestions to help our fellow bloggers improve the great work they’re already doing. Three courageous #Bloggab members last week decided to take that plunge, so here are the blogs we’ll be looking at.

I encourage you to visit the blogs now and make a few notes about what you like and any suggestions you might have to make them even better!

We’ll give each blogger about 20 minutes, which should give them time to respond to questions and interact with everyone else! Here’s the schedule, along with links and a quick description of the blog pulled from the blogs themselves:

The EssWhyDee Blog
by @SdhyD94
“I’m just an ordinary guy on a gap year, with plenty of things to write about! I’ll be sharing my life experiences with you, and my take on life along with creative writing exercises.”

by @MCTheWriter
“I studied Theatre , focused on screenwriting, I also studied journalism focused on photojournalism. I am a screenwriter, director, photographer and a journalist. I am currently pursuing my dream at Howard University; I am a candidate of the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) for Film. I spend my time either writing or taking pictures. You can always catch me singing or writing my next script. My dream is to travel around the World to report and taking pictures of amazing kids, especially in Africa and Haiti. I am a child of two immigrants who has big dreams.”

by @ProfKRG
“Prof KRG aims to create an ongoing educational dialogue among media professionals, students and educators.”

That’s the schedule we’re planning. Again, please drop by the blogs before the chat and jot down a few initial impressions; that way, our volunteers will get the most out of their time with you because you’ll be able to jump right in with feedback!

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