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Weren’t Expecting a New Look? Me Either!

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Yes, suddenly, things look radically different here at Patrick’s Place.

It’s a ridiculously long story that I will tell, but I’m not in the mood to tell it just yet.

In any case, I was forced into a temporary change of look because of a major glitch that I am convinced is somehow related to the 60-hour outage this past weekend. Since then, nothing has been working 100%.

Nope, I’m not happy.

But at least you can read my content again. (And comment.)

So that’s progress at least.


This is huge progress! You are up! We miss you when you are gone. Glad you figured out a work around, be it temporary or not. Accept the small victories.

Cathryn (aka Strange)
Cathryn (aka Strange)

Well! I guess sometimes change comes without much of a warning! I'm glad we can still read your content and comment. This too shall pass, as they say! Hang in there!