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Weren’t Expecting a New Look? Me Either!

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Yes, suddenly, things look radically different here at Patrick’s Place.

It’s a ridiculously long story that I will tell, but I’m not in the mood to tell it just yet.

In any case, I was forced into a temporary change of look because of a major glitch that I am convinced is somehow related to the 60-hour outage this past weekend. Since then, nothing has been working 100%.

Nope, I’m not happy.

But at least you can read my content again. (And comment.)

So that’s progress at least.

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This is huge progress! You are up! We miss you when you are gone. Glad you figured out a work around, be it temporary or not. Accept the small victories.

Cathryn (aka Strange)
Cathryn (aka Strange)

Well! I guess sometimes change comes without much of a warning! I'm glad we can still read your content and comment. This too shall pass, as they say! Hang in there!