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Super Bowl Sets New TV Viewing Record

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A record number of people tuned in to see Baltimore defeat San Francisco in Super Bowl XLVII, according to a CBS statement.

That’s based on overnight ratings that project the game as pulling a 48.1 rating and a 71 share.

A rating is the percentage of all televisions in the measuring area (in this case, the country as a whole), whether they are in use or not; that means that nearly half of America’s televisions were on and tuned to the game. A share represents the number of televisions actually being watched that are tuned, so of televisions actually on at the time, almost three-fourths of them were tuned to the Super Bowl.

The Fox network held the previous ratings record, a 47.9/71 for Green Bay-Pittsburgh matchup on February 6, 2011.

The half-hour during which a power failure interrupted the game, from 8:45pm to 9:15pm, wasn’t included in the measurement. The average rating and share during that period was still a 46.5/68, which isn’t bad when you consider that many people were still willing to sit back and listen to people talking about lights not being on.

It’ll probably come as no surprise that Baltimore posted the highest overnight ratings, with a 59.6/83.

Overnight ratings are measured by set-top meters installed by Nielsen in households willing to participate in the measuring. Fifty-six of the nation’s 210 television markets have metered ratings, allowing Nielsen to compile a national average.

Did you watch any part of the game, all of it, or none of it?

Super Bowl Sets New TV Viewing Record
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