Thursday, April 19, 2018
Sun 7

Sunday Seven #364

TV Land is apparently trying to tick me off in a big way. They’ve decided to schedule episodes of Roseanne all day long on weekends, the only time I’m able to watch the network for any great amount of time. They have so many good shows in their library, but this is the one they choose to run at ridiculous length.

Roseanne is one of those sitcoms that got a great run when it was originally on network television. It’s also one of those sitcoms that I just never got into at all. Roseanne actually has some funny lines in it. This scene, in which the character of Roseanne’s sister has to make a phone call to notify a relative of her dad’s death, is probably my favorite one of the whole series. But for me, at least, scenes that might top my list of favorites were far too few.

So this week’s topic is about sitcoms that I just didn’t see the appeal of. I’m curious to see how many of them didn’t do it for you!

My 7 Least Favorite Long-Running Sitcoms

1. Seinfeld

2. Roseanne

3. Home Improvement

4. Married…With Children

5. Frasier

6. Cheers

7. Three’s Company

My friend Carly will likely have something to say about #7 on my list, because I know she’s a big fan of John Ritter; I’ll agree that Ritter was the only good thing about that show, but the show itself was just too dependent on the “Comedy of Errors” plot device for my taste. Even with Ritter’s talent.

Which popular sitcoms would make your least favorites list?


  1. 1. Married with Children annoyed me. 
    2. The Nanny bored me. 
    3. Big Bang Theory isn’t funny for me. 
    4. Mork and Mindy. Wasn’t out of this world for me. 
    5. King of Queens wasn’t that great. It was ok. 
    6. Friends. I really didn’t like that one at all. 
    7. The Simpsons. Crude and dumb.

  2. 1. Family Ties. I could not stomach the kids, and the dad’s father-knows-best routine (common to sitcoms, granted) didn’t warm me up.
    2. Family Matters. That idiot neighbour. Enough said.
    3. Married With Children. I liked the show when it first aired, but it wore out its laughs pretty quickly, and these days it is unwatchable.
    4. The Nanny. I’d rather listen to nails being dragged across a blackboard.
    5. The Cosby Show. It just wasn’t funny.
    6. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Funnier than the Cosby Show, but still a bit too slap-stick for my taste.
    7. All In The Family. One would think that, as a lover of snarky humour and shows like Seinfeld and Roseanne that so well exemplify it, that I would be a fan of this show. The thing is, whereas the main characters in Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm do mean things, the meanness is based on their self-absorption, and not the desire to inflict pain. I always thought Archie Bunker was mean just for the same of hurting others and deriving pleasure from it.

  3. I don’t know if I can list 7, but I also did not like Roseanne or Frasier.  I guess I wasn’t a big fan of All in the Family, either.  Now I basically don’t watch sitcoms so I’m out of touch.

  4. I’m pretty much right with you there, Pat.  I saw one or two episodes of “Seinfeld,” and was sort of lukewarm on it.  Oddly enough, however, I really enjoy watching “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”  Go figure.  I saw EXACTLY one episode of “Friends,” and decided there were many other ways to kill that many brain cells, including an ice pick through the ear, which I would prefer over watching more of that crap.  (SIDE NOTE: When you tell people who routinely insist upon using catch phrases from either “Friends” or “Seinfeld” that you aren’t a fan, they look at you as if you had three heads. I can do without this “sitcom snobbery.”)  I can also pretty much live without the rest of your list, although I thought “Cheers” was a pretty well-written show that dealt with cast changes very well.  The bottom line for me is that sitcoms in general are pretty much a waste of time anymore.  With the exceptions of “30Rock” and “The Office” (BEFORE the latter “jumped the shark” when Carell left), there is a complete dearth of clever, well-written sitcom programming. I don’t think you’ll ever see another “All in the Family” or “M*A*S*H” again.

  5. (You might want to change your question at the end of your post.  I think you accidentally posted the one from last week’s Sunday Seven.)
    I enjoyed Seinfeld for the most part and I really enjoyed Fraiser.  Other than that, I wasn’t really thrilled with the rest.  Some of them would give me a chuckle now and then but not enough to call them favorite shows.

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