Trivial 10

Ten On… – Week 17

Here’s my weekly list of ten. Anyone else doing this? Anyone else thinking of doing it? Just askin’.

1. SOCIALLY-MALADJUSTED PSYCOPATHS: How’s that for an opening? This is how former waiter-turned-author Steve Dublanica describes about 20% of people who walk in to restaurants. He appeared on Today this morning to pitch his book, Waiter Rant, and admitted that one of his tactics for getting back at a rude customer was to employ a kind of biological warfare.

2. LIKE FATHER…: Luke Russert, the recent college graduate who impressed many when he appeared on television right after the death of his well-known dad, Tim, has joined NBC News. The younger Russert will cover “youth issues” during the 2008 election cycle. Can’t wait to see what issues they come up with.

3. PETS PUT OUT: In an ever-increasing world of foreclosures, local animal shelters are seeing a rise in the number of strays as families who are facing the loss of their homes try to cut costs by sending their pets packing. If I ever have to live out of my car, my dogs have dibs on the back seat.

4. NOW WHAT?: Two days ago, the House of Representatives issued an apology to black Americans for the “fundamental injustice, cruelty, brutality and inhumanity of slavery and Jim Crow” segregation. Forty-eight hours later, are race relations in this country any better at all?

5. FANCY FOOTWEAR: If Christopher Hayes were a right-wing blogger, he says, and found out that Barack Obama was wearing $520 shoes, he’d make sure everyone knew it. Here’s his take on the fact that the pricey shoes were on John McCain instead.

6. NEW PROMISE: A new drug shows promise for actually halting the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

7. DOES ANYONE EVEN REMEMBER?: A sitcom from the 1970s that only lasted for eight episodes will come to DVD in October. Recall anything about it?

8. THREE-HOUR TOURS?: Would you go for a ride on the S.S. Minnow? You might have the chance, after a grocery store purchased the boat used in Gilligan’s Island for a promotional tour. How much luggage do you need for three hours?

9. THE BEST GAMES: Here’s a new list of the top 25 game shows. And I’m happy to admit that I fully agree with the pick for #1!

10. SEND SOME GOOD THOUGHTS: Please visit my pal Carly, of Ellipsis, who is going through a rough time, in part because of Ahhhnold himself and the bill he signed in California. Carly and I first crossed paths about four years ago, when this blog was still shiny and new. It still has a few shiny spots here and there, but not many, and Carly has stuck with me despite that. Please keep them in your thoughts.

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