Saturday, November 18, 2017
Trivial 10

Thursday’s Trivial Ten #3

The outage here at the site ended just in time for another edition of random links:

1. The Sound of Running Water: What’s the first thing you imagine when you hear that sound in your head? Do you think about that annoying fact that hearing it makes you feel like you should pee? Apparently, you’re not alone and there’s a reason for it.

2. Horse Rescued from Mud: Here’s a story about loyalty for you. A horse was trapped in mud for three hours in Australia while rescuers figured out how to pull 18-year-old Astro.  And through the whole ordeal, his owner refused to leave his side; she spent the time trying to comfort him and keep him calm. Yes, there’s a happy ending, and a slideshow, too!

3. The Man Who ‘Killed’ God: The retired theologian who declared in the 1960s that God was dead has himself died in Oregon.  I suppose now he’ll find out how accurate his bold statement really is.  And I suspect he won’t like the answer he gets.

4. Teacher Fired Over ‘Jackass’ Movie: Students and teachers in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina are buzzing about a teacher who was fired after showing students clips from the movie Jackass Number Two. He claims he hadn’t seen the film, but had just downloaded it, and when students asked what he was watching, he played a portion of it on the classroom’s smartboard. When he realized that the content was becoming more and more inappropriate, he stopped the playing, but not before landing himself in hot water. But it’s not a done deal, yet. The school board has the ultimate say on hirings and firings, so he’s still being paid while waiting for the next board meeting. And students have already started a petition to return him to the head of the class.

5. Low-Cost iPad Coming?  When Apple launches the iPad 3, a new rumor suggests that a low-cost 8GB iPad 2 will also be introduced.  Why not just have a low-cost iPad 3? Some experts think it’d be a great strategic move against a competitor’s new product.  My guess: “Clearance Sale.”

6. Quite a Gift! What do you get a mega-superstar when he turns 18? Justin Bieber’s manager came up with a ridiculously-expensive idea he presented to the heart-throb on Ellen. Have a look. Would you want one of these?

7. What’s for Breakfast This Time? More Americans are treating themselves to a phenomenon called a “second breakfast.”  It may not be as bad of an idea as it sounds, but, as with all other things health-related, there’s a catch.

8. Farewell, Davy: If you’re still in shock by the sudden death of Monkees lead singer Davy Jones, here are four songs Time magazine says you shouldn’t forget as you say your goodbyes.

9. Eating Up Your Refund: If you’re lucky enough to get a refund on your taxes, be careful how that refund comes to you.  If you don’t choose direct deposit, opting instead for convenient debit card, you better read the fine print. In South Carolina, Bank of America is producing the cards and they could charge up to $10 per transaction. If I needed another reason to dislike that particular bank — and believe me, I don’t — this would be it. It could be happening in other states, too, so be on the lookout.

10. Bob’s Blooper Reel: And here’s a laugh for you: a few outtakes from the late Bob Hope featuring co-stars Barbara Eden, Lee Marvin and another all-time great, Jack Benny.

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