My Top 10 Grammar Posts of 2013

I’m spending the final week of the year highlighting the year’s top posts in my key categories on the days those categories are most likely to be featured. Today I present my Top 10 Grammar Posts of 2013.

Tuesday is grammar day here at Patrick’s Place.

I went back to Google Analytics to determine the most-viewed posts of the year. I also eliminated any duplicates, so that if one post showed up in more than one category, it would only be listed in the category to which it was most closely connected.

Here’s the list of my top 10 Grammar-related posts of 2013.

1. “Is it a Bad Rap or Bad Rep?”

This post received a lot of views in 2013, and it’s not one I would have expected to be searched for so often. Do you know which one is correct?

2. “10 Common Foreign Phrases Used in English”

These ten phrases are likely ones you’ve used, even if you didn’t know the story behind them.

3. “Awe vs Aww: In Awe of the Confusion Over These Two”

It amazes me how often I see the wrong one used on Social Media.

4. “10 Commonly Mispronounced Words and How to Say Them”

If people who say asterisk as if it were spelled “asterick” annoy you, this post would be for you!

5. “’If I Were You,’ I’d Check Out This Grammar Rule”

When should you use was and when should you use were in a sentence? It involves the Past Subjunctive Case, but I explained it in a way that’s a lot less intimidating than it sounds.

6. “Silverado Commercial Takes Wrong Turn with Extra Dig”

Sometimes people just don’t know when to stop. An extra line in a Chevy Silverado commercial demonstrated this quite well, turning what was meant to be a dig at competitors as a dig at Chevy’s own product.

7. “Let’s or Lets? When the Apostrophe Must Go”

Those two words can lead to a bit of confusion. Here’s how to tell them apart.

8. “10 More Commonly Mispronounced Words”

From carafe to kibosh, here were 10 more words too many people pronounce incorrectly.

9. “20 Brand New Words Just Added to the Dictionary”

It’s amazing what passes for words these days!

10. “Shudder vs Shutter: Are You Closing or Quaking?”

Here’s how to choose which of these similar words to use to mean what you want it to.

Your Turn:

What grammar question would you like to see answered in 2014?

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