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A Different Kind of Smart Shopping

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It happens almost every time I walk down the aisle of a supermarket. I pass a female shopper pushing a grocery cart who stops at some point to pick an item off a shelf, completely turning her back on her purse.

Once in a while, the purse is actually open, with the wallet inside in clear view. I even passed by one open purse in which cash money was sitting perfectly visible.

If I weren’t the honest type, I couldn’t count the number of ladies’ wallets I could have made off with over the past few years.

A few times — especially if cash is easily visible and the shopper seems particularly inattentive — I’ve actually suggested, politely, that the shopper might want to close up her bag. Once, the shopper actually seemed annoyed that I’d mention anything.

I’ve always been tempted with such people to point out what they say about a fool and her money, but so far I’ve been able to restrain myself.

So I pass this along for what it’s worth: if you or the woman in your life go to the grocery store, please make sure you (or she) is keeping an eye on your purse.

A local shopper here in Charleston just learned the hard way that someone else may be.

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Yeah, this is why I don’t carry a purse. Just a wallet, which I bury under the cloth bags, and the groceries, as I shop.