Saturday, November 18, 2017
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The National ID Debate

Would someone please explain to me why the concept of a National ID Card is so frightening? Really. What’s the big deal?

What information do you think a National ID Card would track that current state-issued ID cards aren’t already tracking?

When I moved back to South Carolina from Virginia, despite the fact that I was born in South Carolina, I still had to obtain a certified copy of my birth certificate just to get a new South Carolina driver’s license. It’s not like my birth-state didn’t already have a good record of me; they actually re-issued a new driver’s license with my original driver’s licence number reactivated. So clearly the Palmetto State knew exactly who I am.

I suspect that if we were talking about a National ID, I wouldn’t have had to waste all that legwork tracking down enough proof of identification to get me an overseas passport. I also suspect that if there was one source of records-keeping, rather than 50+ individual sources, there would be a lot less red tape. I still don’t know why Virginia and South Carolina can’t communicate with each other on such things. After all, a few years back, they were certainly close friends when they were battling the “damn Yankees.” I wonder what soured their relationship.

I also wonder why it was more difficult to get a driver’s licence in Virginia than it was to get one in the state where I was born. I didn’t have to jump through so many hoops four years ago, despite the fact that the Commonwealth of Virginia had clearly never heard of me. And since South Carolina, naturally, had my old driver’s license on file, they had picture-proof that I was who I claimed to be.

I just don’t see why a National ID card wouldn’t make it easier for such transactions to take place. If the Federal Government really wants to keep track of you, I think they’ll find a way whether you have a National ID or not.

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