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Russians Offer Terrifying Solution to Oil Spill

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Depending on who you ask, that massive oil spill off the Gulf Coast is either a big mess or an ecological disaster.

But if we assume for a moment that it’s more disaster than mess, then here’s an even more troubling thought: some Russian experts say plugging up the leak is as simple as nuking it.

I am not making this up!

The Pravda reports that this strategy was actually used in Russia five times between 1966 and 1979, with an 80% success rate. The one “misfire” occurred near the Ukraine, where a nuclear blast was unable to stop a gas leak.

Am I the only one who’d never think of trying to plug up a leak of a flammable substance with a bomb?

What happens, incidentally, if they successfully nuke the problem? Doesn’t the ocean carry that radiation somewhere? And if leaked oil can be salvaged and it’s contaminated with radioactivity, wouldn’t there be a potential health risk for people who come in contact with the fuel that’s eventually made from it?

I’m obviously no nuclear physicist, but I just have a real hard time holding much faith in this plan.

Thoughts, anyone?

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Mika Salakka
In most cases the radioactive material burns off and what remains stays in the bottom. The radiation has been minimal and dissipated to extremely low levels very quickly. Russians have done approx 150 detonations of which only four failed. At this point a small underground nuclear detonation is a reasonable option. At least there’s a track record of previous successes. I don’t know what the success record is on this massive dome idea. Of course, if the US goes and uses a nuke to seal an oil leak, then future nonproliferation negotiations with other oil-producing countries may appear a bit… Read more »

Bombs come in different sizes, and maybe a non-nuclear one could do the trick. Something has to be done before the entire Gulf is dead.