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Gotta Read This!

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I didn’t do a memorial post for Ted Kennedy.  But after reading this one by Jeff Tompkins, I can rest easier knowing that there’s no way I could possibly have come up with something better than his latest post, “A Better View.” No matter which side of the political spectrum you’re on, if that post doesn’t make you think, you’re probably brain-dead.

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Bravo, Patrick! I posted Jeff Tompkins’ link thru My.Bo and FB–others picked it up and posted it as well. The response has been powerful. Thanks so much for sending it to me earlier in the week.

I can say, with all honesty (and did on my FB wall), that this piece is one I wish I’d written. A rare thing for any writer to admit.

Jeff Tompkins

Thanks again, Patrick.

Cat, those things listed are just a portion of his achievements, all of which I got from his own website.


Amen to the angry old white people comments. Teddy did not do his work alone, and even I don’t think he’d take single-handed credit for doing the stuff listed. That, I suppose, is the point: he was a coalition-builder rather than a guy who rammed his personal crap through the pipeline. We need more coalition-building, or this country is not going to have a future.