Sunday, October 22, 2017

Charlie Rose to Take Break from ‘CBS This Morning’ for Heart Surgery

One of my favorites, Charlie Rose, is taking a break from his hosting duties on ‘CBS This Morning,’ another of my favorites, for heart surgery.

Charlie Rose was absent from Wednesday’s edition of CBS This Morning, which wouldn’t necessarily raise eyebrows since the award-winning journalist is still tracking down interviews around the globe.

But co-anchors Gayle King and Norah O’Donnell read a note he sent in which he announced his plan to have a heart valve replacement operation scheduled for today:

Almost 15 years ago skilled surgeons replaced my aorta valve with a new replacement valve. It has served me well enabling me to live the vigorous, full, complete life you are all so familiar with. No one loves life more than I do.

To continue to live this amazing life so full of challenges and friends, including so many of you in the audience, I have chosen to replace the valve with a new one.

Rose, whose 75th birthday was celebrated on the air on January 5th, said he plans to be back at work in March. Meanwhile, Rose’s nightly interview program on PBS and Bloomberg TV will feature guest hosts until Rose is back in that chair.

One of my favorite moments with Rose was when King challenged him to wear a certain outrageous pair of Versace pants Cam Newton had been caught on camera wearing. Rose gladly accepted that challenge:

Another favorite moment was when former Saturday Night Live alum Bill Hader appeared to promote a new movie. Hader launched into a very convincing immitation of Rose that actually left him hesitant to ask him anything:

I’ll definitely miss Rose’s unique personality while he’s recuperating, but you have to admire someone who’s 75 and still is so optimistic about living every moment and seeing what’s still ahead!

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