‘Definitive’ Proof of Bias Offered on Website Far from Definitive

A conservative fact-checking website offers what it calls definitive proof that fact-checking website is operating under a liberal bias.

The proof Conservative Fact Check offers comes in the form of a chart displaying the number of prominent politicians — both Republican and Democrat — who’ve received Politifact’s “Pants on Fire” rating. We are led to believe that because prominent Republicans have received more “Pants on Fire” ratings, the site must have a liberal bias.

Commenters on the site, fortunately, recognize the clear leap of logic here: this so-called “definitive” proof actually proves no such thing. Another obvious possibility is that there were several prominent Republicans who told more bold lies along the way. If you’re going to jump to one conclusion, after all, you should at least be willing to consider an equally possible alternative.

But the lunacy doesn’t stop there. The last line of the article contains this extraordinary statement:

“To have any semblance of fairness, PolitiFact should play it 50/50 and present an equal number of lies from both sides. They clearly are not concerned with any pretense.”

The absurdity of such a statement is truly shocking.

What if an “equal number of lies” doesn’t exist? Let’s say that Mitt Romney lies twice and Barack Obama lies once in the same week. Does that mean that fact-checkers only get to mention one of Romney’s falsehoods since Obama only had one? Or, an even more interesting question for a conservative would be this: suppose that Mitt Romney lies once and Barack Obama lies four times in the same week: is anyone honestly expecting that conservative “fact-checking” site to ignore 75% of Obama’s falsehoods?

I didn’t think so.

As a general rule, I do additional fact-checking beyond what any single fact-checker site says about something. I like to rely on more than one credible source for such things.

This site, based on this article alone, is not, in my book, one of those credible sources.

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