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Obama’s Releases Birth Record, Absolutely Nothing Changes

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It’s amazing how predictable this country has become.

President Obama, who has been badgered for years now by so-called “birthers” who have insisted that he wasn’t born in the United States, and, therefore, is ineligible to hold the office he has held for three years, finally released the long-form version of his birth certificate.

Donald Trump, who is possibly considering a run for president and who made this tired controversy a major talking point, is claiming credit for the president’s action.

And birthers are not any more convinced that he was born here now than they ever have been.

Did anyone expect any different outcome?

Obama should have put this matter to rest a long time ago. If he was willing to release this document now, he should have been willing to release it when the controversy first materialized.

His supporters, some of whom are as unwilling to listen to reason as his harshest critics, will immediately argue that he shouldn’t have had to release anything. But a great deal of time and energy has spent pointlessly arguing over this issue, and releasing it two years ago or more could have helped quiet some of this foolishness.

I say some because we all know that the lunatic fringe will always be the lunatic fringe.

What I find most disturbing is the propensity to blame the media, that same institution that so many claim has such a left-leaning bias, for putting too much attention on this story. That argument is intellectual laziness.

The media wasn’t trying to make this into a story; the media was merely reporting the fact that it is — and has been — a story. When a possible presidential candidate draws attention to the controversy as if it is the number one problem the country has, the media can’t possibly ignore that.

What the media can do is investigate, which it has done. Most recently, CNN did an in-depth investigation about the authenticity of Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth.

That didn’t convince the birthers, either.

And let’s please be realistic for a moment: are any of us really supposed to believe that the media is supposed to tell us what to think, and to choose which stories they think should be covered?

To a degree, of course, every newsroom has to choose which stories get covered and which ones don’t, because there are a finite number of resources. But isn’t that selection process the primary reason accusations of bias come up in the first place?

And the people who seem to think that the media should have ignored the birther position from day one almost certainly wouldn’t have advocated for its omission if it had been brought up against a Republican candidate. Anyone who claims otherwise is lying.

For Trump, I heard a survey quoted earlier this evening that claimed that more than 50% of Americans say he’d make a terrible president. This survey was apparently conducted after he brought the birther controversy back into the front page headlines. So it would appear that the public is far less impressed with his argument than he is.

That sounds like another valid reason for the media to have covered the outlandish things he has had to say of late.

I still wonder what these people are seriously trying to accomplish. There’s no way we’re going to wake up to the news that Laura Bush walked from the presidential bedroom into the bathroom after being awakened by the sound of running water, only to find George W. Bush in the shower and still president.

That little plot device didn’t even work for Dallas.

He’s the president. He has been the president. And even if someone could prove that he shouldn’t be in office because of a failure to meet an eligibility requirement, by the time anything is done about it, his term would be over, anyway.

So what’s to be accomplished by all of this pointless squabble?

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