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Roll Up the Carpet…Please

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Just heard on Today: “No one ever forgets the Oscar dresses.”

Sorry to break it to them, but I do. I barely pay attention to them on the rare occasions I do watch. If I’m going to watch the red carpet foolishness, my eyes are more likely to be on the ladies in them than the clothing itself, unless the gowns look so bad that you can’t not look at them.

Even so, I’m not so interested in fashion that I’ll retain who wore what long enough to engage in the water cooler talk about it the morning after.

As a rule, I never watch the Academy Awards. For the most part, I don’t care who wins the Oscar, because there’s an excellent chance I haven’t seen the movies up for the big awards, anyway. I saw Avatar last year, and I went for the same reason most everyone else went: to see the dazzling effects.

And dazzling they were.

It wasn’t an earth-shattering story. It was fairly predictable from the start. And, depending on who you listen to, it’s a retelling of at least two or three different stories that have just been redone in 3D.

Not having seen most (if any) of the other movies that competed with Avatar for Best Picture, I can’t pick which one I think should have gotten the Oscar nod, but it doesn’t bother me at all that Avatar didn’t win that award.

If there was one award it definitely should have won, it was the award for visual effects. It won that one.

Those who are stressed about it not winning more than that, or who are still upset about who wore what on the red carpet should do something to take their minds off this unnecessary anxiety.

Maybe they should go see a movie.

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As a big movie buff, one who sees most (and during a few years, all) of the films nominated in major categories, I have to agree that the dresses are forgettable save for the absurd ones, like the grotesque swan dress worn by Bjork a few years back. If there is to be any fondly remembered wardrobe choices for this year’s Oscars, it’s got to be Ben Stiller dressed as a Navi from James Cameron’s AVATAR.

Mika Salakka

I wonder how long it has been since the Oscars were about the movies.

Ha funny! Not sure what to think. Strange I mean I agree that a lot of men don’t remember what say you wore on your first date etc so but that is true they will look & either they are like “Da*n” (hot) or “What the H. were they thinking, that is God aweful!” HA! I can’t say I remember last year but for fashion people & people in the industry I bet they do. I did like Sandra Bullocks dress very much and a few others. I think who won & their speeches I’m more interested in. I suppose… Read more »