Tuesday, January 16, 2018

What Possesses These Women?

This morning, another alleged “other woman” in the Tiger Woods scandal told her story. Or maybe it was one of the same “other women” who’ve already told their story somewhere else. If I did care, I’d still have a hard time keeping track.

The media keeps covering the story because we keep talking about Tiger, and for reasons that boggle the mind, we are still interested in what’s going on with him, his marriage and his money.

What really boggles the mind is the mysterious motivation that would make a mistress come forward to tell her story on national television. I didn’t watch this morning’s interview, so I’m speaking in general terms here.

But do these women honestly expect me to feel sorry for them? If they’re angry that they weren’t the “only” woman in Tiger’s life, then they’re clearly out of their mind: they were the mistresses: by definition, they were never the “only” one. Are they hurt because they felt betrayed? A mistress’s participation in an extra-marital affair is proof that the spouse is more than capable of betrayal.

So where does this “outrage” actually come from?

These women ought to be hiding the details of their relationships out of shame, not lining up in front of any camera crew that will give them airtime. It’s a shame our society cares so much.


  1. Perhaps I’m jaded, but you know where this is coming from and where it’s going. It has nothing to do with setting any facts straight, and everything to do with 15 minutes of your name on CNN.

    Why should only one girl get her name in the papers? Here come the rest of the women who have ever served him food or misinterpreted a “hello.”

    As for where it’s going, we’ve seen it countless times before: book deals and “reality” TV gigs.

  2. Unfortunately, I was in the room while this interview was on, as well as the one last week (different woman). FWIW, they both claim they want to tell “their side” because the tabloids have gotten everything wrong.

    And that’s all I’m sayin’ because the whole situation is no one’s business but those people directly involved. So, not mine.

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