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Why Isn’t PTC Protesting History?

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There’s a new spinoff on the way for fans of cable network History’s Pawn Stars, one of cable’s most popular shows that follows the real-life adventures of a Vegas pawn shop.

More on the spinoff in a moment. But the title of the Pawn Stars is surely a play on “porn stars.” I can’t imagine that the clever title could have been conceived as anything else. Can you?

That in itself ought to have the Parents’ Television Council, the watchdog group that complains — in graphic detail — about any television content it finds even remotely offensive, into high gear, demanding advertiser boycotts and letter-writing campaigns.

Well just wait until they hear about this!

The spinoff series will follow a recurring guest of Pawn Stars, a restoration expert who is able to bring antiques of virtually any variety into salable condition. The new series, like the old one before it, has a title that could certainly be viewed as something you might not want to say at your more conservative churches.

Ready for this? Here goes: the new series will be called Rusty Nuts.

I am not making this up!

How can PTC go into full attack mode on a watered-down word in a title of a sitcom, like CBS’s $#*! My Dad Says, and not already have petitions signed, sealed and delivered for a show with the name Rusty Nuts?

If there were ever a show whose name might be worth a watchdog group’s protest, wouldn’t that qualify? Just sayin’.

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that’s nuckin’ futs!