18 Offbeat Holidays for January

Each month, I try to give you a few interesting holidays you probably haven’t heard of. January has a few screwball days that might be worth commemorating if you’re really looking for an excuse to celebrate.

You can check out the full list of 18 Offbeat January Holidays here at the greatest magazine ever, Mental_Floss.

Here are a few that stand out from their list:

1. January 10th: Peculiar People Day
We all know them. Some of us are stuck being married to them, living with them or working with them. Might as well make the best of it, I suppose.

2. January 14th: National Dress Up Like Your Pet/Dress Up Your Pet Day
There’s quite a difference between the two, so I’m not sure how you could make them interchangeable, but given that it has been chilly here in Charleston the past few days, it might be better for me to dress up like the Collie: with all that extra hair, I’d certainly be warm.

3. January 16th: National Nothing Day
Well, this may be the greatest holiday man has ever devised: a day set aside to not observe, celebrate, honor or commemorate anything. It’s like a normal day, except for the fact that you’re intentionally not making into some silly day that is a waste of everyone else’s time. Leave it to a journalist to have come up with it!

4. January 18th: Thesaurus Day
I know, I know…what’s a thesaurus, right? There’s nothing wrong with expanding one’s vocabulary. Here’s your chance! Don’t blow it.

Which holidays jump out at you that might be worth your time this month?

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