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20 Gifts (Not) to Be Missed?

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Time magazine has released a list of 20 gift ideas for the gadget gurus on your shopping lists this holiday, and I’m happy to say that there’s almost nothing on the list that I’d want.

Happy, and shocked!

The most appealing things on the list relate to HD, but I’d have to upgrade either my cable service or my Tivo service to be able to do much with that, and at this point, I just can’t justify the expense.

How about you? Is there anything on the list that you think you might not be able to live without?

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There’s nothing on the list that I couldn’t live without, but I didn’t think the list was a total waste of time. If Santa brought me the Apple Shuttle or the Nook (or a Kindle) or the PS3 I certainly wouldn’t turn up my nose. Also, I’ve always wondered how much damage is being done to our eyes by staring at computer screens for hours on end — those glasses might be a good investment.

Chris M

There’s nothing on that list I’d particularly want either… so I’m with you on there being nothing there I couldn’t live without.