Thursday, January 18, 2018

Cashless Coffee Shop Result of Multiple Robberies

It’s one thing not to accept checks, but now there’s a cashless coffee shop that no longer accepts paper money. Think it’s a good idea?

It was apparently one robbery too many for a Baltimore coffee shop. Park Cafe & Coffee in Baltimore decided to become a cashless coffee shop in order to protect its employees, WJZ-TV reports.

By not accepting cash, they reason, there’s nothing for armed robbers to steal.

Most people don’t seem to fault the store for trying to keep its staff safe, but there are concerns the area’s lowest-income families, who may have a little cash but no credit cards or debit cards. The owner of the shop told WJZ they are working with a church and local pharmacy to find solutions for locals who only have cash.

I almost never carry cash. When I do, it’s only a couple of dollars. And let’s face it: these days, it’s hard to find a cup of coffee for $2. When I take the time to travel to a coffee shop, chances are I’m going to leave with one of those fancy $5 macchiato-something-or-others. Otherwise, my Keurig will do just fine at home, thank you very much.

But apparently I’m not alone in carrying more plastic than cash: back in 2014, The Washington Post reported that eight in 10 people claim they carry less than $50 in cash on a normal basis. Nearly half said they carried about $20 or less, and nine percent said they didn’t carry any cash at all.

So I guess I don’t feel so bad about walking around with about $4 in my wallet.

How about you?

If your favorite businesses stopped accepting cash as a precaution against armed robbery, would it cause you any problems?

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