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Crayola’s New Blue Crayon Based on Newly-Discovered Shade

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Crayola’s New Blue Crayon Based on Newly-Discovered Shade

We now know more about the new blue crayon coming to Crayola packs near you, and word is it’s based on a newly-discovered hue.

Yes, there’s a newly-discovered shade of blue.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Consider all of the incredible technology we have in the world today. We can solve some problems in a matter of nanoseconds thanks to high-tech computers and algorithms. There are diseases that no longer exist thanks to cutting-edge medical research that has all but eradicated various illnesses that used to claim lives without any real treatment or prevention options.

And yet, somehow, well into the 21st century, we just “discovered” a new shade of blue?

You may recall that back in March, Crayola announced it was going to discontinue one of the colors in its popular 24-pack of crayons. The color it decided to “kill” was Dandelion, a sort of pale yellow.

The new 24th crayon will be a shade of blue that Oregon State University chemists recently stumbled upon, according to USA Today.

As it turns out, the chemists were heating chemicals while searching for new materials that could be used in electronics. One of those mixes, that contained yttrium, indium, manganese and oxygen, came out of the big furnace with a “striking blue color” they nicknamed “YInMn” because of its key ingredients. The university says it’s also known as “MasBlue.”

Click here to see a depiction of the shade on the university’s website.

If I saw that shade without knowing it was “new,” I’d have just called it “Royal Blue,” which is one of my favorite colors.

Here’s a YouTube video with a depiction of the shade:

Aside from being something to get excited for crayon enthusiasts and other artists, because it reflects large amounts of ultraviolet light, there’s a new theory that it could be painted on the roofs of buildings to make them cooler.

Who would have thought?

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