Saturday, November 18, 2017

My 10 Favorite Famous Dogs

Since we just celebrated National Dog Day, I figured it was the perfect weekend to post a list of my all-time favorite famous dogs.

Several of the dogs on this list are probably very predictable because they’re some of the famous dogs we all grew up hearing about. If you’ve read my blog, you know I love Collies, so the first choice on my list is probably no surprise.

1. Lassie

A little confession here: I didn’t watch a great deal of Lassie episodes when I was young because I’m such a dog lover that I hate seeing dogs in peril, even when I know it’s just a TV show or a movie. But Lassie, played by a male Collie named Pal, was still my favorite TV dog of all time because “she” was so well trained. Her His owner, Rudd Weatherwax, trained all of the dogs who would end up playing the famous Collie in film and television. I once read that he went into a deep depression when Pal died and could never again bear to watch an episode of Lassie.

2. Snoopy

Charles M. Schultz’s creation is my favorite cartoon dog. Snoopy, Charlie Brown’s beagle who fancies himself a World War I Sopwith Camel pilot, was always good for a laugh or two, especially when he got a little too excited and gave his owner’s nemesis, Lucy, a big kiss.

3. Benji

Frank Inn rescued a little brown mixed-breed dog named Higgins from an animal shelter, worked with him, and created a canine superstar named Benji. He was an adorable little character with an uncanny understanding of things that helped him do everything from solve crimes to protect kids.

4. Joe

Joe was a German Shepherd wrongfully accused of attacking his master in the live action Saturday morning kids show Run, Joe, Run. The show was on the air when I was about 5 years old, so I don’t remember a great deal of it besides the fact that Joe was very smart and, much like Lassie, helped people he met along the way as he dodged military authorities who were out to capture him.

5. Astro

One of the best things about the futuristic animated series The Jetsons was the notion that even in the future, it’s still true that dogs still have a place in the family. May they always.

6. Clifford

As a kid, one of my favorite stories featured Clifford the giant red dog.

7. Brian Griffin

I’m not a fan of The Family Guy, but I’ve seen some humorous clips involving Brian, the family dog, whose deadpan delivery is a great foil for the family. I’m actually glad, though, dogs don’t really speak in that manner. They might not be man’s best friend otherwise.

8. Toto

The film The Wizard of Oz begins with a crisis that would immediately stir strong emotions in any child: the threat of a mean witch-like woman threatening to take a child’s pet away. But Toto manages to escape, along with her owner Dorothy, from every peril to live happily ever after. The little Cairn Terrier somehow managed to avoid being stepped on during wild dance numbers along the Yellow Brick Road, too!

9. Petey

Petey was a pit bull who served as the mascot for the Our Gang/Little Rascals kids. He had a circle around his right eye for reasons that were never, to my knowledge, explained.

10. Nipper

I was introduced to the famous mascot on RCA records my grandmother had at her home. Nipper was a terrier mix who sat in front of an old phonograph with head tilted, presumably listening to his master’s voice playing back through the bell-shaped speaker of a phonograph. The original image dated back all the way to the beginning of the 20th century.

What’s your favorite famous dog?

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