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Photo Challenge: Summer Gardens

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I drove to Maymont this morning to work on the latest Round Robin Photo Challenge: Summer Gardens.

Maymont is a 100-acre estate with two separate gardens: the Italian Garden, which is pictured here, and a Japanese Garden that is closer to the James River. The Italian Garden is a popular location for local weddings, and as soon as I rounded the corner to approach them, I was immediately met with one of the richest, sweetest smell of roses I’ve experienced in a long time.

I’ll post more pictures from Maymont’s gardens in the next few days, but I wanted to make sure I made the deadline, so enjoy this one!

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Maymont’s now on my list of places to see next time I’m in the area. Great photo!

Suzanne R

Beautiful — I can almost smell the roses! I can see why it would be a popular place for weddings or just a great day out.


Somehow, I either hit the wrong button or Blogger is acting up.

Shelly had this to say:

Nice photos. BTW, your link here to A Stop at Willoughby is bad. It has instead of Just thought you’d like a heads-up.

I did appreciate the heads-up and I fixed the link. Thanks, Shelly, and sorry about the missing comment.


Hello Patrick 🙂

If I ever get back east to visit my aunt Amanda, I will have to visit Maymont House. You have described it so vividly. I love roses, especially the spicy scented ones, so I know it would be a wonderful place to just sit and relax. It is romantic also, which appeals to my Zodiac sign, cancer. I will stop by this weekend to see if you have posted any additional pics.

Always, Carly