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Round Robin Challenge: Silly Animals

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The latest Round Robin Photo Challenge is “Silly Animals.”

I’m a dog person. Always have been, always will be. I’ve found that dogs can be a lot like people, especially when they’re sleeping. No one has to show them what a pillow is for: they’re smart enough to have figured that one out on their own with no assistance at all. And if you let them, they’ll take yours happily.

A couple of months after I adopted Zoey, I walked into the bedroom and saw her taking a nap. She was beginning to reach the point of understanding that she was in her “forever home,” as animal shelters like to call it, and was getting more and more comfortable.

She had sprawled out across a body pillow almost as if she had been trying to attain some kind of dramatic effect, and I couldn’t resist snapping her picture. The animal shelter I adopted her from got a copy and they ended up running it in a “success stories” column in their newsletter.

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My parents taught me at an early age to love animals, and they’ve always had pets themselves. Their current inside dog is Jesse, who likes to twist himself into odd shapes resembling question marks. I caught him in one of his familiar sleeping positions, comfortably zonked. Even the flash didn’t wake him up!

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Those are my picks for “Silly Animals.” Visit the Round Robin Photo Challenge page for links to the other participants!

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Oh my gosh…just shoot me! These doggies are the cutest. Great shots…





What cute dogs. I love pictures of animals relaxing.


that dog is beautiful. Bet he’s spoiled.


I like the “forever home” feeling I get from the photo. Zoey is a pretty lucky pup!