Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Wait for Help

The word tragedy doesn’t really do the situation in Haiti justice.  Now, days after the massive earthquake that has already been blamed for tens of thousands of deaths, there are areas where shock and sadness are giving way to frustration and anger.

And, in some cases, violence.

It’s understandable, I suppose, given the conditions these people are facing right now.  But it’s not exactly helping their plight.

This morning on Today, a representative of World Vision, a charitable organization assisting in relief efforts, said that his team has been overwhelmed by the disaster, but is still working as hard as it can to get supplies to earthquake survivors.

He then added this:

“I think the biggest antidote to violence is to get adequate relief supplies distributed in this country.”

Of course, nothing slows down the distribution of adequate relief supplies quite like violence.  But that’s a line of reasoning that an unruly, desperate mob of injured, hungry, thirsty people are just never going to be willing to process.

Speaking of assistance, here’s a shocking fact:  400 domains related to Haiti have suddenly been registered.  One wonders how many of them might be bogus.

If you do want to give, here are a few reputable organizations:

American Red Cross

World Vision

Habitat for Humanity

As always, if you aren’t able to contribute, prayer is free and can accomplish a great deal, too.

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