Saturday, February 17, 2018

Your Dog’s Sleeping Position Could Reveal More Than You Think

I’m often amused at my dog’s sleeping position because it looks like he’s passed out after a long night of too much partying.

Did you know your dog’s sleeping position could tell you something about his or her personality and perhaps even a bit more than that?

I didn’t, although when you think about it from an animal’s perspective, it does make sense.

My Collie loves to stretch out on a giant doggie mattress I got for him. Of course, he also likes to stretch out in my bed or on my couch.

In fact, anywhere that’s convenient (and soft), is a place where’s he more than happy to nap. On Instagram the other day, I posted a picture of him in the middle of one of his power naps on my couch. Here’s that pic:

Collie power nap. #roughcollie #instacollie #lassiedog

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That’s a position he’s often in when he’s really relaxing. And I know enough other Collie owners to know that he isn’t alone in his unusual posture.

I found a website that shows six common doggie sleeping positions and what they supposedly mean.

In this picture, and in poses I’ve seen in person, he seems to most closely resemble the posture they call “Crazy Leg.”

Their explanation goes like this:

“…this just means that they’re very confident and secure with themselves, and with their home environment. … Dogs who assume this sleeping position usually tend to be very laid-back and have an independent streak.”

It is, as the site points out, a very vulnerable position for any animal, since “showing one’s belly” is one of the ultimate submissive postures.

In my dog’s case, he has every reason to be confident in his home environment. He’s fairly laid-back, though he has, even at four years of age, a lot of puppy energy and excitement a times. He does have his independent moments as well…as long as he knows where I am at every given second.

What’s your dog’s favorite sleeping position?

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