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Overheard at a Book Store’s Checkout Line

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“I opened this because I wasn’t sure if I wanted it.”

The woman handed the cashier a large coffee table-style photo book that had been sealed in cellophane.  The barcode label had been affixed to that wrapping, which was crumpled inside the cover.

The cashier was completely polite as she rang up the book.  The woman fumbled through her credit card-filled wallet and pulled out her MasterCard from among the stack of department store cards from high-end stores like Nordstrom, where a pair of silly bedroom slippers can run you about $90.

What if she had decided, after opening the sealed book, that she didn’t want it?  I’m guessing that she would have left it there for someone else to buy, regardless of the fact that the book store probably couldn’t sell the one opened book.

I wonder if that even crossed her mind?

Overheard at a Book Store’s Checkout Line
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