Saturday, February 17, 2018


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Apple Denies Facial Recognition Fail at iPhone Event

Apple says its newly-introduced facial recognition feature on its iPhone X did not malfunction during this week's big event, despite what social media said. A funny thing happened while Apple was introducing its new iPhone X, the 10th-anniversary edition of its iconic iPhone this week: the phone's facial recognition feature...
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Just What We Need: 72 New Emojis On the Way!

As if we didn't have enough of this little pictograms known as emojis, another six dozen of the little characters are about to be unleashed on the world! If you like emojis, this story will make your day! If you're like me, not so much. There are 72 — count 'em:...
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Apple Rejects iPhone Back Door Access Request

Apple's CEO issued a pointed statement rejecting a court order for what he considers an iPhone back door on privacy grounds. In a dramatic statement, Apple CEO Tim Cook called it “an unprecedented step which threatens the security of our customers.” He was writing about a court order demanding that...
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Apple Promises Fix for iPhone 1970 Date Bug

If you own an iPhone, whatever you do, be careful if you change its date settings: a 1970 date bug can put your phone into an immediate coma. Apple promised a fix for a very strange bug in newer models of iPhone. Apparently, if you set the date on your...

Sometimes You Just Have to Slow Down

This week, I learned a valuable lesson about trying to do too many things in the same tiny little moment. Anyone who knows me well knows that I take care of my stuff. It dates back to when I was a kid: my toys were all in one piece and...
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