Tuesday, April 24, 2018



Is Worrying a Sin?

Christians are fond of reminding each other that God is in control and that He has a plan for each of us; so if we believe that, is worrying a sin?

Christian Bookstore Apologizes For Journaling Bibles Email

A Christian bookseller issued an apology for an earlier email it sent about journaling Bibles when people complained about a phrase. There are times when I wonder why Jesus doesn't just come back to Earth ahead of schedule and just begin smacking people upside the head. Granted, I'm glad He...

Which Comes First: The Bible or God?

I see a strange pattern of argument among some Christians that leads me to question whether their priority is to the Bible or God himself. Think about your best friend for a minute. Now go back to a time before you and that person ever met and suppose — just for...

Professor Proposes Interesting Theory on Creation of Eve

The Bible tells us the creation of Eve began with a rib taken from Adam. A professor says it wasn't his rib. The book of Genesis tells the story of creation: the creation of the universe, the heavens, our earth, and all living things. God, the Bible tells us, created...