Wednesday, December 13, 2017



Suffering the Weekend TV Blues

When you look at weekend TV listings, it doesn't take long to begin to suspect the networks aren't even trying anymore. One of the beauties of services like Netflix and Hulu is that you can find a favorite television show and binge-watch. Unfortunately, without services like Netflix or Hulu, finding...

Has TV’s ‘Vast Wasteland’ Improved in 55 Years?

Fifty-five years ago this week, the then head of the FCC described television as a 'vast wasteland' and challenged broadcasters to do something about it. On May 9, 1961, Newton N. Minow gave his first speech as the new chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, telling a meeting of the...

I Still Prefer Watching TV on a TV. How About You?

When you're watching TV, what kind of screen are you looking at? There used to be only one answer. I'm old enough to remember a time when watching TV meant sitting in your living room and staring at the box around which your furniture was placed. When someone tells me...

TV Land Shifts Focus to the Next Generation

Cable network TV Land says it's shifting it's focus to attract a younger generation. Apparently I was born just a few years too late. TV Land, which built its viewership by touting classic television show titles — everything from I Love Lucy to The Andy Griffith Show to All in the...

The Big Brian Williams Question Answered

After months of wondering what NBC News would decide about the fate of former 'NBC Nightly News' anchor Brian Williams, we may have our answer. Let me get this straight: NBC is apparently not interested in having Brian Williams return to the anchor chair for its NBC Nightly News because...

Will Sling TV Finally Help Everyone Cut the Cord?

Earlier this week, Dish Network introduced Sling TV, designed to give cable and satellite customers who've either already cut the cord or are about to do so some new options for a lower monthly fee. Sling TV, The New York Times reports, provides live and on-demand TV delivered via an...
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