Thursday, April 19, 2018

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Twitterers’ Curious Fight Against the Media

By now, you’ve certainly heard about angry Twitter users-turned-media critics who posted a storm of tweets about CNN’s coverage of bloody protests in Iran, coverage that the Twitter users involved say was grossly lacking. CNN went on the defensive, trying to argue that they had more coverage than the other...
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Sleeping With the Enemy?

While reading a list of 10 Things Local Newspapers Need to Do, I was struck by the irony of item #2: 2. All local, all the time: Newspapers have been shedding plenty of jobs, but newspapers can bring in the work of local bloggers who are already doing the work...
Tech & The Web

The ‘Fail’ Firestorm

For about an hour on Thursday, Google was offline.  The company blames the problem on a glitch that routed too much traffic through computers in Asia, overwhelming the system. To hear the Twitter world talk, it was not only a problem they — the Twitter users — discovered, but a...

Contrived Conspiracies

I call it intellectual laziness, but if you want to immediately gain someone’s attention and trust, there are certain hot-button topics that you can start with, and suddenly you’re considered an expert. Write something about the economy that begins by bashing the oil companies.  Oh yeah, that’ll get you some...

It Takes a Little More Than Having a Blog

Over at his blog, I’m Not Drunk Enough for This, J.J. says the perception of bloggers being “journalists” bothers him: “What most people think of when they hear the term journalism in any context is modern professional news journalism, which is usually understood to adhere to specific standards. But bloggers...

Blogger or Journalist?

It’s one of the most popular arguments on the blogosphere. Some people -- mostly bloggers -- believe that they are automatically every bit as much a “journalist” as professional reporters. Others -- mostly reporters -- tend to disagree with that blanket statement. The best response I’ve read in answer to...