Sunday, September 24, 2017

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You Shouldn’t Have to Cancel Service for a Better Price

Here's a tale of two customers: both of whom were fed up with the price they were being charged and picked up the phone to cancel service. The first customer is yours truly. When I purchased my latest vehicle a couple of years back, I suddenly found myself in the...

Chocolate Fans Fuming Over Hidden Price Hike

Those with a sweet tooth are crying foul over a hidden price hike that's changing the shape of a familiar chocolate favorite. I remember the first time I picked up a six-pack of bottles of Diet Coke after the familiar 20-ounce size had been replaced with 16.9-ounce plastic bottles. The...

Fast Food Workers: Here’s How to Lose Me as a Customer

It would seem some fast food workers need better instruction in providing good customer least if they want to stay in business. I dropped by a popular fast food restaurant the other day for a breakfast biscuit. The restaurant is a big name eatery but the specific franchise isn't...

Move Away From the Mic: An Open Letter to Airline Employees

Airline employees: move away from the mic. Seriously: we can't understand one damned word you're saying over airport and airplane loudspeakers. Last week, I flew out of town on business and utilized two different airlines. I was reminded of something I've observed before, but this time, since one of the...
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