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So-Called ‘Atheist Graveyard’ an Exercise in Irony

A new atheist graveyard in Sweden has banned all religious symbols of any kind on tombstones, despite what the man who proposed the idea said he believed. No, we can't just all get along, even after we die. Breitbart reports a new cemetery in Sweden is banning all religious symbols...

Facebook Removes ‘Feeling Fat’ from Emoticon Options

Facebook listened to complaints and removed the 'feeling fat' emoticon from its status options. It's official: you can no longer feel fat on Facebook. At least, not with the help of a predefined emoticon when posting a status update. The Washington Post reported the company removed the option in response...

2 Criticisms of Hobby Lobby That Miss the Mark

Reaction to this week's Hobby Lobby Supreme Court ruling often mentioned two popular accusations of double standards critics were only too eager to use to blast the retailer. But neither truly levies the damage they hope for. The Religious Right has been celebrating the Supreme Court ruling that allows family-owned...
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Baker Stops Selling Wedding Cakes After Losing Lawsuit

Rather than selling wedding cakes to same-sex couples, a Colorado bakery owner who lost a lawsuit alleging discrimination now says he will no longer sell wedding cakes at all. A while back, I wrote about a Colorado baker who cited religious beliefs as the reason he did not want to...
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Woman Suing NJ Over Atheist License Plate

A New Jersey woman filed suit against New Jersey's Motor Vehicle Commission — the equivalent of the DMV — because her application for an atheist license plate was rejected. I never cease to be amazed by things people will fight about. The latest example is a vanity license plate. A...

‘Noah’ Film a Perfect Target of Christian Double Standard

Can a movie like Noah, which apparently takes liberties with the actual Biblical narrative, have value in creating a learning opportunity? No, say some Christians...but do you notice what they do next? I have not seen the movie Noah. Off the top of my head, I don’t recall the last...

New Law Would Allow Refusal of Service to Gays

A new law could take effect in Arizona that would allow refusal of service to gays by businesses based on the religious beliefs of the business owners. State senators in Arizona passed a bill that would permit the refusal of service to gay customers if business owners felt that serving...
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