Saturday, February 17, 2018



No Fair! Isn’t Criticizing Christians Against the Rules?

Good Christians shouldn't be out criticizing Christians, I've had fellow believers tell me. The conversation generally doesn't go well from there. One of the things I've never been that interested in doing here on this little blog is trying to convince non-believers to convert. There are people far more talented...

For Some Christians, Forgiveness Sounds Too Good to Be True

Have you ever felt true forgiveness might be just out of your reach with God? If so, please read on. If you've ever felt the concept of forgiveness the way God forgives sins sounds more like an April Fool's joke, you're not alone. How can God forgive everything? Romans 10:9-10...

Which Comes First: The Bible or God?

I see a strange pattern of argument among some Christians that leads me to question whether their priority is to the Bible or God himself. Think about your best friend for a minute. Now go back to a time before you and that person ever met and suppose — just for...

Do Strange Christian Phrases Really Communicate Christianity?

Relevant magazine recently published a list of 20 strange examples of Christian-speak — Christian phrases you typically only hear inside a church — that leaves some people scratching their heads. If you'll give me a moment, I'd like to “pour into you” a bit of wisdom on “Christian-speak.” That's my term for the...

Ministry has Many Forms, Not Just Preaching

A recent Buzzfeed video depicts questions Christians would like to ask other questions. Among them is a question about the real meaning of ministry. The video asks a variety of questions, some tongue-in-cheek, like, “Do you really think He’s freaking out because His name is not on a cup you...

Why Are Christians So Afraid of Dying?

It seems like such a simple question: if we're all so sure Heaven exists, what possible reason would we have to be afraid of dying? The other day while surfing the web and reading about a family whose 5-year-old daughter has decided she would rather stay home (even if it...

Witness: Gunman Targeted Christians During Rampage

A witness to a deadly shooting at an Oregon community college says the gunman targeted Christians during the deadly crime. It's an age-old question: what would you do if you woke up with the understanding that today was going to be your final day on earth? If you knew what...
saturday six
Saturday 6

Saturday 6: 9 Colors Named After People

Here are some random links I ran across this week that I hope you'll enjoy. Let's begin. 1. A Swim with a View This won't be your grandfather's swimming hole. The luxury apartment complex Embassy Gardens in London is planning the world's first “Sky Pool.” The pool will allow residents...
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