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Poll: Removing Confederate Flag in S.C. the ‘Right Move’

A new poll released this week shows a majority of South Carolinians feel the removal of the Confederate flag last summer was the right thing to do. On a July evening last year, South Carolina lawmakers debated into the night about a plan to finally remove the Confederate Flag from...

Lawmaker Loses Battle Over Airplane Seats

A Tennessee lawmaker fought unsuccessfully to stop the shrinkage in airplane seats this week. If you've ever felt like a sardine, chances are you were on an airplane. Airlines have been slowly packing more seats on planes, to increase the amount of airfare they're able to pull in per flight....

Virginia Cop Killed on Her First Shift at Work

It was the first shift on the job for a young Virginia cop. It turned out to be her first and last. Last night, while covering the Democratic presidential primary in South Carolina, we heard of a shooting incident involving three police officers in Virginia. The officers, we learned, were...
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Apple Rejects iPhone Back Door Access Request

Apple's CEO issued a pointed statement rejecting a court order for what he considers an iPhone back door on privacy grounds. In a dramatic statement, Apple CEO Tim Cook called it “an unprecedented step which threatens the security of our customers.” He was writing about a court order demanding that...

The Wrong Gun-Free Zones Response

No matter which side of the gun debate you stand on, there's something I wish we could just remove from the gun-free zones discussion altogether. We hear it every time there's a shooting. We all know it's coming from someone who wants everyone armed at all times. (Well, everyone, that...

Our Easily-Changed View of Syrian Refugees

Just two months ago, the world was horrified by a photo of a lifeless 3-year-old boy whose body had washed up on the beach of Turkey. The child was identified as Aylan Kurdi, and CNN reported that Kurdi's brother, Galip, and their mother, Rehen, also died, according to Fin Donnelly,...
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Should You Have the Right to Assisted Suicide?

California became the fifth state this week to pass an assisted suicide law. What if your doctor told you had a terminal illness? The first question you might ask is the obvious one: How long do I have? Once you get that answer, other things would probably come to mind....
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Company Reverses Course on Drug Price Hike

A war raged on social media after a company announced a drug price hike; after that war, the company may have changed its mind. Imagine for a moment fighting a parasitic infection with medicine that costs about $13.50 per pill. If you only have to take one of those pills...
saturday six
Saturday 6

Saturday Six: Some Wisdom from Washington

This week's edition of the new Saturday Six starts with some wisdom of the father of our country, George Washington himself. 1. 12 of George Washington's Rules of Civility That Still Apply Mental_Floss magazine listed a dozen of George Washington's “Rules of Civility” they still feel apply some 275 years...
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Once Confederate Flag Comes Down in SC, Where Does It End?

The Confederate flag is almost certain to come down from South Carolina’s State House grounds. But where does the flag flap end? What’s the line between removing a symbol of hate and rewriting history? The South Carolina General Assembly this week passed a bill that would remove the Confederate flag...
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