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Saturday 6

Saturday 6: 6 Special Days in November

This week's edition of the Saturday 6 focuses on some quirky "holidays" in November that you might enjoy participating in. Earlier this week, on Wednesday to be exact, we experienced “National Use Your Common Sense Day,” set on the birthday of humorist Will Rogers. I hope you celebrate that day every...

That McDonald’s Drive-Thru Recording Really Needs to Go!

It's time for McDonald's to do one of two things: either make sure there's always someone on standby to take your order the moment you drive up to its drive-thru order board, or ditch the recording that asks for your order once and for all. Sometimes, technology doesn't help us....

7 Clever T-Shirts from Sky Mall I’d Probably Wear

Some t-shirts can be quite clever. I found clever t-shirts listed for sale at Sky Mall during a recent flight to visit my best friend and his family, and thought I'd share a few favorites. When you're on a plane and you're not particularly fond of being that high up...

The High School Reunion That Wasn’t

Do you ever attend your high school reunion every five years? For some, there's a lot of debate. This year's decision was made for me. A funny thing happened to me on my way to my high school reunion. My high school class was supposed to get together this evening...

What’s So Wrong with ‘Church of the Future’?

Times change. Technology changes. Attitudes change. Nowhere does this seem to be more of a problem for people than inside a church. My dad forwarded an email to me from a friend of his the other day. As religious-themed email memes go, it at least didn’t attempt to create some...
Fun & LaughsOdd

Why It’s My Least Favorite Day of the Year

I don’t have anything against Saturdays. In fact, I generally like Saturdays a great deal. In some respects, they’re my only true day off. But there’s one Saturday I dread every year. That particular Saturday, in 2013, just happens to be March 9th, the day this post was written (in...

Single on Valentine’s? Call It ‘Financially Fortunate!’

Some single people I know hate Valentine’s Day because they’re single and they think that the occasion only serves to remind them of their singleness. I call that a lot of hogwash: it’s not like they weren’t aware they were single on February 13th, and it’s not likely they’re able...

10 Offbeat Holidays for February

There’s always Valentine’s Day if you’re looking for something to celebrate in the year’s shortest month, but if you don’t have a significant other to take to dinner, you might feel left out. (I don’t: I usually go dine alone in a nicer restaurant: since I am alone rather than...
Fun & LaughsGrammar

Could You Care Less or Couldn’t You?

“I couldn’t care less.” “I could care less.” They’re two little phrases that convey opposite meanings, yet they’re almost always universally understood to mean the same thing: that the speaker isn’t interested — and, in fact, couldn’t be less interested — in whatever’s being discussed. So which one is the correct one?...
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