Monday, October 23, 2017



Some ‘Words’ Just Aren’t Words, Amirite?

Words like amirite are appearing more and more often in conversational settings. Do you consider them words? Whether we like it or not, new words are being added to our language every day. Many of them, like “awesomesauce,” seem absurdly unnecessary. But they still keep coming, and those new creations...

Why We Say Touché In Response to a Good Point

The word Touché is commonly used as a response to a good point. Here's why we use the word and where it comes from. Sometimes, a well-crafted argument says so much that only a single word is necessary in response. That single word, when the responder agrees with the argument...

Whatever Happened to Sitting Indian Style?

A while back, I had the chance to visit with some former classmates of mine that I've known far longer than any of us would probably like to see in print. We were talking about the fact that their children at that time were about the same age we were...

New Words in the Dictionary Reflect Digital Age

A look at some of the most talked-about new words in the dictionary reminds us all that we’re in the tech age. Some of the latest additions to the dictionary might make you scratch your head, not because you haven’t heard of them, but because you’re surprised they aren’t already...

5 Unusual Irish Phrases You’ve Probably Never Heard

The website Irish Central released a list of Irish sayings and phrases everyone who visits the country should know. Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, I figured I’d make everyone “happy out” with a list of some Irish sayings and phrases you’ll probably hear if you visit Ireland. In fact,...
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Coca-Cola Super Bowl Ad Blasted Over Non-English Lyrics

The Coca-Cola Super Bowl ad featuring a rendition of “America the Beautiful” performed in eight languages wasn’t a hit with everyone. When Coca-Cola set out to “teach the world to sing,” no one said they were necessarily teaching the whole world how to sing in English. But maybe we all...
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