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12 Movies on TV I’ll Always Stop and Watch

As a general rule, I don't like watching movies on TV because of endless commercial breaks and editing, but these are an automatic exception. The other day I was talking with a friend of mine about the “old days” of TV when there were three main channels to choose from and...
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RIP Abe Vigoda (This Time, It’s For Real)

Actor Abe Vigoda, whose death had been erroneously reported three decades earlier, has died at age 94. Novelist Mark Twain was on a speaking tour in London in May, 1897, when a rumor about his failing health began circulating. The rumor evolved into one of Twain's passing. When a reporter...

The Revenant Delivers Mystery Before the Film Begins

The Revenant seems like a good mystery before anyone sets foot in the theater: you have to look up the title to figure out what it's about! The first time I saw a commercial for The Revenant, a new film starring Leonardo DiCaprio, I didn't exactly see the commercial: I...

Premiere or Premier? Will the Force Be With You?

A certain popular science fiction/fantasy franchise will debut its latest film on Friday: but will that event be a premiere or premier? I've lost count of how many people have referred to the upcoming “premier” of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Unfortunately, they're using the wrong form of the word. Premiere...
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Even Netflix Chops Closing Credits These Days

Remember when every show ended with closing credits? If so, you probably have a good memory. First off, I'd like you to watch something you probably haven't seen in a long time: actual closing credits for a television program. This particular program is from The Price Is Right, but it...
saturday six
Saturday 6

Saturday 6: 9 Colors Named After People

Here are some random links I ran across this week that I hope you'll enjoy. Let's begin. 1. A Swim with a View This won't be your grandfather's swimming hole. The luxury apartment complex Embassy Gardens in London is planning the world's first “Sky Pool.” The pool will allow residents...
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Couple Claims Facebook Barred Them Over Last Name

An Arizona couple says their last name is causing a controversy that's keeping them off Facebook. What's in a name? For Facebook, apparently, the opportunity to spam or hide behind presumed fake identities. Let's face it: there are plenty of clearly fake identities on Facebook, despite the fact that the...
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Are Spoilers Ruining TV?

Thanks to behind-the-scenes gossip and a bevy of entertainment shows that reveal every backstage development before it moves onstage, it's time to ask: Are spoilers ruining TV? You see a dramatic, exciting promo for your favorite television show. There's some terrible calamity, a gloom-and-doom scenario, waiting for the cast to...
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Sony Scraps Plans for ‘The Interview’ Premiere

Sony Pictures made the controversial decision Wednesday afternoon to scrap plans for the big premiere of its film The Interview amid concerns about security threats. The studio released the following statement about the decision, Huffington Post reported: In light of the decision by the majority of our exhibitors not to...
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