Thursday, April 19, 2018



Since When Did Church Have to Become a Rock Concert?

I tend to prefer “contemporary worship” to the more rigid, formulaic services I grew up with; but just because I like a more modern presentation doesn't mean I want to attend a rock concert. I attended my first real “contemporary” church service close to a decade ago. There were things I liked...

Riddens or Riddance? Rid Yourself of the Wrong One!

When you're happy about the departure of someone or something, should you wish good riddens or good riddance? Since we're in the heat of a presidential election campaign, I've already seen it happen. A candidate announces he is “suspending” his campaign. (For some reason, they never seem to say they’re ending...

Singer Corrects Grammar Mistake During Concert

A grammar mistake on a fan's sign caught the attention of a member of the band One Direction during a concert. Yes, friends, I had to look up One Direction to figure out who they were. But upon discovering it is an English-Irish pop boy band based in London, I...

Listening to Music is Good for You, Studies Show

Research shows listening to music does wonders for a person's mental health. As I write this post, I'm listening to some music on iTunes. My iTunes list is very unusual in that it has a little bit of everything. I'm not a fan of rap music at all, although there...
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