Wednesday, November 22, 2017


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Elementary School Apologizes for Classroom Yoga

A school in Georgia issued an apology recently after parents complained about elements of classroom yoga designed to reduce stress. Wow. School sure has changed since I was a student. First, sitting “Indian style” became a thing of the past. (Well, at least referring to it as such is a thing...

Some Districts Shutter High School Football Programs

A combination of safety concerns and a lack of interest is causing some districts to cancel their high school football programs. Editor's Note: On Monday, Oct. 6, the fourth high school football player of the season died from on-the-field high school football injuries. You don't see me posting about sports...
saturday six
Saturday 6

Saturday 6: 6 October Holidays Worth Celebrating

This week's edition of the Saturday 6 points out some lessor-known, quirky holidays one can celebrate during the month of October. I'm curious to know whether any of these might strike you as being worth notice, too. With the help of Days of the Year, I came up with these...
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