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Maybe Some of Us Don’t Want an All-Glass Phone

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Maybe Some of Us Don’t Want an All-Glass Phone

A recent article about the upcoming iPhone 8 extolled the virtues of an all-glass phone and why it might be ‘more durable’ than we’d expect.

If the predictions are correct, Apple’s next iPhone, the iPhone 8, could be an all-glass phone.

<em>Apple Insider claims the pros of switching to all-glass include an attractive glossy appearance, hand feel, and scratch resistance compared to some metals.

I’m sure glass is glossier than aluminum or whatever else they come up with. The hand feel of glass is always nice. As for scratch resistance, I guess it depends on what might scratch against it.

On the other hand, some of us really hate the idea of not putting that $800+ piece of technology into a protective case that will hopefully protect the screen (and our budget) if the phone should fall out of our hands.

When you put a sturdy OtterBox case, my case of choice, on an iPhone, there’s already the chance that the case might affect the performance of the screen on the very edge where it might require a bit more pressure to tap something.

But when you have an all-glass phone, the temptation to developers is to spread out clickable content all the way to the very edge, which makes it that much more difficult to find a case that will work satisfactorily.

And that makes it that much harder to protect the phone.

If, like me, you’ve ever dropped a device in a parking lot and stood there looking at it face down on the asphalt and just hoping the screen was intact, you understand that fear.

If, like me, you’ve ever then worked up the courage to pick up the device and look at the screen only to find it marked by a spider’s web of cracks, you understand how frustrating it is to think protecting an all-glass device that could utilize edge-to-edge displays could be.

An Apple Store employee I spoke with recently agreed completely with my concerns. Like me, he doesn’t like the idea of the phone being outside a case and said he wished the screens wouldn’t crack so easily. I use an OtterBox case on mine and I’ve dropped the phone a handful of times without damage.

I can’t think of a good reason I’d want to make it harder to protect a phone that could be easier to shatter.

Some say the technology behind the glass has made it a lot stronger than it used to be. That’s fine until you accidentally drop your phone and it hits a surface that cracks the glass: at that point, no matter how much stronger that glass is.

It still wasn’t strong enough.

How do you feel about the idea of all-glass phones: are you okay with the breakage risk?

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