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The First 2 Canceled TV Shows of the 2013-14 Season

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Just weeks into the new season, we have a second program to add to the list of canceled TV shows. ABC was first to pull the plug on a show and CBS followed by axing a freshman comedy.

Apparently, the image of Jerry O’Connell in a speedo wasn’t enough. Or maybe it was too much, depending on how you look at it. But CBS’s We Are Men is the first show on that network to receive a pink slip this season.

It’s only the second show, just three weeks into the season, to fall off of the schedule. ABC canceled its Lucky 7 after two episodes last week.

Lucky 7 was a drama centered on a group of gas station employees who win a lottery with a ticket they purchased together. Unfortunately, its premiere only managed to pull in 4.4 million people and its second outing, according to Hollywood Reporter, lost half of its first-week audience to rank as the “lowest-rated broadcast drama to air in-season ever.”


In place of Lucky 7, ABC is planning repeats of Scandal, which celebrated a big season premiere.

At CBS, the half-hour sitcom We Are Men, focused on a quartet of guys with varying degrees of failure in the romance department who happen to wind up living in the same apartment complex. Throughout previews of the series, jokes are made about McConnell’s character and his apparent desire to go scantily-clad whenever possible. Its ratings weren’t as low as Lucky 7, but then We Are Men was part of CBS’s powerhouse Monday night comedy lineup, where expectations are understandably higher.

This cancellation will cause a bit of shuffling in that comedy block: starting this Monday, CBS will move 2 Broke Girls to 8:30pm, where it’ll follow episodes of the final season of How I Met Your Mother. Repeats of The Big Bang Theory will go into the 9pm slot formerly occupied by 2 Broke Girls and will serve as a lead-in to Mom at 9:30pm. Then starting in November, just in time for sweeps, Mike & Molly, a popular sitcom renewed for a new season but conspicuously absent from the lineup, returns in the 9pm slot.

I only saw clips of We Are Men, but I wasn’t impressed by what I saw. I never saw Lucky 7, which came from British TV, but I’m assuming the original was more successful than its American counterpart. But I have to admit: given how popular reality TV shows have become, I’m always a little sad to see scripted comedies and dramas — even poorly executed ones — get pulled out of fear that it’ll only prompt more reality programming to take their places.

Let’s hope it doesn’t happen!

Your Turn:

Which TV shows are you already hoping will get the axe this year? Which one has most worn out its welcome with you?

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